Foot massage to relieve fatigue

The feet are the organs that support and move our body. The structure of the soles of the feet and knee bones is also designed to bear the weight of our body, and it is said that all the meridians through which tiles and blood flow are connected to the feet. Due to this characteristic, Balbansyron says that every organ in the body reacts to a specific part of the foot. As such, the weight of the feet in our body is very large and important. When your feet get tired, foot massage can help you recover from fatigue as well as restore systemic function. If necessary, you can use creams or oils to enhance the effect of the massage. If you repeat the following movements 3 to 5 times, you will feel more comfortable by helping the circulation of the whole body while reducing the fatigue of the feet. 1. Soak your feet in lukewarm water for 5-10 minutes. The tissue is relaxed and circulation is promoted, so you can feel a sense of stability. TIP. If your feet have fever due to overwork, use cold

Head massage that clears your mind

 When your head hurts, you can't focus on anything. The head is not seriously ill, but also for reasons such as stress, hypoxia, hypoglycemia, overwork, colds, and physical problems. At this time, if you perform a precise massage to lighten your head, your head becomes clear and intelligent, and you can be free from headaches. 1. Knead and press the Baekhoe (center of Jeongsu-ri) and the Sasingun (reaction point that appears around 3~6cm around the left and right). This has the effect of promoting intelligence. 2. Massage and press from the parietal nodule to the top of both ears, then gently press the front side head above the ear with both palms. This action has the effect of relieving neurogenic migraine headaches. TIP. Parietal nodule: the protruding place on both sides of the crown 3. Knead and press the reaction points at the 4cm part of both sides of the back head, 1cm part below it, and the boundary between the back head and neck. This action relieves the pain of pulling th

How to do a full body massage and explain

 Full body massage may be a useful technique in many ways. It's great for relieving stress from friends and family, and it can also help relieve pain or pain in those around you. And it's also effective for having a romantic time with your partner, so why don't you learn it? Full body massage is not as difficult as you think, and it is a technique that anyone can try with simple preparation and know-how. 1. Make it a comfortable place. The massage place should be a comfortable place, and if the client or partner feels uncomfortable while receiving the massage, no matter how good the massage is given, it may not be enough to heal. You should have a place to lie down comfortably while receiving a full body massage and have a bed or a massage bed. Put a soft towel on the bed to prevent oil from being absorbed into the bed and dirty the bed. It warms up the space. During the massage, you will be wearing minimal or no clothes at all, so keep the room warm and warm. Since the roo